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We Enable Business Productivity

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management

Our Portfolio, Programme and Project Management pulls together many capabilities and controls competencies into a central function that operates at portfolio level.

Services incorporates:

  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Scope Definition
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Governance
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Delivery
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Assurance and Audit


Benefit Management and Realisation

Our expertise and approach to Benefits Realisation and Management enables many organisations to measure outcomes successfully. Our experience in this field has allowed us to build a rigorous set of Benefits Realisation Guidelines and a Toolkit for our clients and these are also included as part of selected courses.

Services incorporates:

  • Building capability in the methodology and tools management programmes and projects benefits
  • Designing Benefits Management delivery framework to implement  organisation’s Benefits Management
  • Assisting in project and programme Benefit Identification and Measurement
  • Capability building in Benefits Management across the organisation


Business Analytics

Most organisation have vast amounts of data, however they often don’t know how to extract value from it. VisionWave assists organsations in analyzing data and to use insights to gain real benefits and results.

Services incorporates:

  • Develop programme and projects advanced analytics strategies to help clients gain competitive advantage from their data and analytics capabilities in order to achieve  project results
  • Develop advanced analytics for decision support to help clients improve programme and project effectiveness and efficiency through innovative ways of using data and analytics
  • Provides organisations with capabilities in order to utilise its resources and expertise to through in-house Business Analytics